Small Business - First Meeting

May 21, 2017

I meet many small businesses and organizations and the first conversation is always.. 


Where do we start? 


How do we meet? What are we talking about? 


Sometimes people have already seen my website and question... What is an Audit?


So let me try to break down what I'm all about, and how I could potentially help you. 



The Business

Let's call this a local dance company that provides dance classes to kiddos (and sometimes adult), an after-school program, and a summer program. 


They have a Facebook page that gets updated maybe every 1-2 months, mainly when something new is happening that they need to advertise. 


They have Quickbooks accounting for payroll and try to keep their "vendors" (parents) updated and an outside bookkeeper to handle the tricky stuff (taxes, banking, etc). 


They might only take checks/cash still for payment, or have recently gotten a Square app on their smart phone/tablet to take credit card, even recurring credit card payments. 


The Meet

We meet together to see what is already happening on the back end of your business, we go through a list of my skills (largely anything related to a computer) and how I could potentially help you. 


$35/hr for a meeting, mainly to discuss your needs, my skills and how to move forward. 


$150 for an Audit, which includes 2-4hrs of research with you and your business and another 2-4hrs of my time to put together a Plan of Attack for changes, which you could either implement yourself or hire me to help with. 


The Results


Regardless of if you're just wanting a one-time conversation, or a full audit, we would tackle some of the following: 


Marketing Strategies


1 - Do you have a website?
If so, how often is it updated? Who updates it? Do you have a web-designer that you have to pay each time or do you update yourself? 

And what are your opinions on the website? Is it time for something new? 

I can design a new website for you if needed. 


 ----in the case of the Dance Studio, I would probably say, a Website is needed for Static information just so you can put it on a business card. 3-5 pages of never-changing info. Or Really beef it up to bios about all and flyers about new events, but in our local area, might not be needed too much. 


2 - Are you using Facebook? 

If so, how often is it updated? Who updates it? What are you posting on Facebook? Are you getting the results you need from it? 


In our local area, Facebook is Key. I would recommend a strategy for weekly and bi-weekly posts about history, upcoming events, kiddos/employees to showcase, so a schedule is created that you can maintain -- or hire me to maintain for you


---- in the case of the Dance Studio, I would say, If you're focusing on FB and not a website, let's go nutso. Post every week, post about everything. We could blow up your FB page with amazing posts about all your goings on, your personal history, links to news about dance, links to things about great kiddos, spiritual stuffs. Go crazy with it, but it will take work. 

And if you don't have someone ready to tackle the work, I could help. 


3 - Do you need other social networking of Twitter/SnapChat/LinkedIn/Instagram

We would discuss your familiarity with these platforms, where I see your needs (or not) in these areas and we would establish a plan of posts -- or hire me to maintain for you


---- in the case of the Dance Studio, I'd probably say, Not Needed. Unless you're looking to connect with other Dance studios. Instagram is kind of amazing and Dance would be amazing in photos and bios and get some great connection, but.. is it worth it? Who's going to do that work? 


4 - Do you have any print advertising?

Do you print ads in the local papers? Do you have flyers hanging on your walls? 
Who creates all of this now and are you happy with your current strategies? 


--- in the case of the Dance Studio, they have flyers on the walls of the studio for upcoming events. They're efficient and they work. No need for local paper advertising for now, and I would say if you're getting all the business you need, why mess with something that's already OK (are the printed paper-readers really your main demographic anyway?)



Back End Procedures



Are your procedures efficient in how you take and record payments, and how you communicate with your accounting? What version of Quickbooks are you using and are you happy with it? Do you have a ton of additional spreadsheets floating around on various computers? 


 --- In the case of the Dance Studio, I would recommend a full overhaul of Quickbooks to see how your parents are set up on paying - ie. do you invoice, does Everyone pay recurring, and we would establish the easiest protocol for your payments, such as... maybe month to month is too much work, let's switch to a 6month commitment on a recurring Credit Card payment. 


We'd decide which credit card processor was the best for your organization. We'd evaluate all the ways people can pay (website, Facebook, in person, etc) and come up with a stream-lined process. 


Forms & Filing

Do you have all the proper forms for payment, liability, medical forms, waivers, releases, images, marketing, etc. ? 


Do you have client forms for the kiddos, parents, Donors (if you have any)? 


And where is all this stored? Do you have a client database or spreadsheet? Do you have paper files stored somewhere in an office? Are you Happy with your current filing system? 


Moving Forward


Once we decide your needs/interests, we'd talk about WHO is going to do the work.


For some, they just need the ideas to run with. They just needed me to look things over, consult, and write up a plan and go away. Then you solely pay the meet fee and/or the audit fee. 


If you're relatively new and don't have time to create logos and websites and flyers and print marketing on your own, some will hire me to be their person to make this all happen. My website can fill you in on the nuts and bolts, but figure $400-600 for a new website, Logo design starting at $400, $35 for Facebook design help, and $35/hr for nearly all other projects. 


Some will hire me to maintain for a certain period of time, say 6/months. And this is typically paid on retainer, $50-100/mo for 5hrs of my time. This way you know posts are happening on Facebook, your website is being maintained, and I am educating you on these procedures so you can take over in the future. Basically, you've hired me to be your marketing administrator for a while until your wife or niece finally agrees to help out. 






That's why I'm a consultant.


I'm here to help you with where you are, not undoing what you already have going. 


If you have any questions, please contact me




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