Getting My Priorities Straight

November 12, 2017

​I don't know about you, but in our house, when school starts... the world suddenly gets So Much Busier. Calendars and schedules drastically change, activities multiply, and Work seems to pop up from all directions. 


Just a quick recap on me, #1 - I'm a single mom of an 8yr old. That's busy in itself between HIS Cub Scouts, horseback riding, and this year we've started Parkour which is the coolest athletic thing ever, just sayin. If you have Parkour available in your area for kiddos, I would seriously recommend looking in to it. 


This year I've also committed to being a Cub Scout den leader. 

It's awesome. It's fun and imaginative, so inspiring to be around these 6-7yr old kiddos. I don't take it lightly, my role in leadership. Of course we're doing everything for MY kiddo too, all the activities and campings, but now I'm often there as leadership for my Tigers. Woot! 


I also have many piano students. All combined to one morning a week, so it works with my full-time job. And possibly my favorite day of the week. If I could have 10 students, I would because I love teaching piano so much. But, I have a full-time job and that job is the most important thing ever. 


And that's the point. 


Where are my priorities? 


I've had requests to be a Church pianist. The money would be a life-changer for us.
I've had 5+ requests for new website builds. 


I've said "NO" more in the past two months than ever before in my life. 


I'm learning to say "No". 


It's SO HARD. 


I want to do everything. 

I want to be there for every organization and non-profit in the area. I see so many that are in need that I could really help. 


But really, I want to be there for my employer. This company that I've devoted nearly 7yrs of my life to and see no end in that happening any time soon... we're only getting bigger and better every year. I know the outreach that happens through that job.


You know, what I want... Is to be better At My Job


If that's possible. 


I don't know how you get better at something you've been doing for 7yrs, but I want THAT to be my priority. 


And my kiddo, of course. OF COURSE he is #1. 

But my job, my full-time situation, is what allows me to work from home, to be there for my kiddo. To take a morning off work to have piano students. 


None of this would be possible without this fantastic position that I have. 


So... I'm getting my priorities straightened out, or trying to at least. 


I might have to say NO to outside projects. 

I might have to say NO to community development and church piano and helping others. 

It's not because I'm not interested. 

It's because I'm interested in where I am already. I'm giving Thanks, hello November, to where I am. I'm trying to slow my brain down, focusing on what is really important. 


So if I take a hiatus from other projects for a bit, I'm sorry, ya'll. 

I hope you understand. 






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Getting My Priorities Straight

November 12, 2017

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